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Hi there,

People usually think that the most important thing in a movie are the pictures. But have you ever tried to watch a movie with the sound turned off ? It falls flat. Like nothing is happening. And when you turn it on, the life and emotions are back ! Just depending on the music, the exact same scene could scare you or make you laugh ! Even with no pictures at all you could imagine the full movie just by listening to the music. It really shows how powerful the music and the sounds are. They can tell a story.

And that's what I like to do.

I'm a musician, composer and sound designer but above all a big music fan. As a kid I've always liked different music genres. And one sunday morning, I fell in love with a soundtrack that had so many different styles in it. From electro to flamenco, orchestra, funky mood, dancers steps, lyric vocals, epic choirs, distorted guitars, blasting percussions and all these things were composed by the same guy ??

That day I realized that film and visual media were the best way to express a large musical color palette and that I'll want to do that for the rest of my life.

I just love running through the pictures to explore the different shades of emotions and use the music to reveal what is unsaid.

To do that I talk carefully with the director to find the tone and mood of the project and to understand the important aspects to point out. On the composition side, I can be very intimate and delicate in a suspended moment... Or go completely bombastic in an explosion of action, colors and fun !

On the other hand, the sound design allows me to create and bring the right sounds, effects and ambiances that the project needs. The composer is the invisible storyteller who turns the director's vision into music. And he tells the story through his own musical voice.

So... what is your story ?

PS : I can smile.



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